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Hair care

Hair care tips: read here hair care tips, hair care tips in Urdu, homemade hair care tips for men and women.

Dry hair care in Urdu

dry hair care tips

Mostly dry hair feels like straw and brittle. It is difficult to comb through and shines hard. The protective layer which surrounds the hair surface in dry hair very thin and permeable. Therefore, the fine cuticle layer underneath is not positioned correctly and quickly becomes porous and rough. Due to the small ...

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Back hair removal tips

men back hair removal

Some men suffer from the fact that they have no beard or only sparse hair growth in the facial area or on the head, others complain of too much body hair. Every person is different and of course every man invested. Below you will learn how you can remove the ...

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Hair breakage

Hair breakage

For hair breakage there is a medical term Trichorrhexis nodosa. He is not to be confused with split ends, split ends because with the hair tips, which can then also break in the course columns. When hair breakage, hair breaks off in the middle of the length. Visible it is ...

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Permanent hair removal tips

Hair removal

Hair growth is genetic and usually grow the hair on the parts of the body relentlessly, where they are not wanted. The hair removal of annoying hair requires a lot of time and is usually painful. In the end, the hairs grow where the people they shaved or removed with creams, much ...

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Hair masks

hair care mask

Hair masks plays important role in nourishing and for proper hair care. Also hair masks are cheap and easy to use, along with no side effect on hairs and scalp. We can prepare hair masks at home with simple ingredients like “olive oil, eggs, lavender oil” etc. Simple eggs in the ...

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Homemade hair care masks

hair care masks

Even normal hair or even oily to dry, especially at the tips, for various reasons and treatments or chemicals that destroy the hair structure and cause the loss of nutrients to the hair. In this case, it is to access the best in home masks recipes. No matter what type of hair ...

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Hair conditioner

hair conditioner

Hair is an important part of your beauty. They have one of the signs that show you are beautiful and you often take care of your beauty. Everything about shopping for hair care is an exciting job. You have to always consider choosing the right type of conditioner that maintains ...

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Hair loss tips in Urdu

hair loss tips

The question Hair loss, what to do? is not so easy to answer, because first you need to determine what is hair loss. Finally, each person loses hair. It is part of the normal hair growth to the fact that the “old” hair fall out after a certain time. Hair loss ...

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