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Hands and feet care

Hands and feet care tips: read here hands and foot care tips, manicure and pedicure tips, hands and foot care tips in Urdu for men and women.

Diabetic foot care tips

diabetic foot care

For diabetics daily foot care is an absolute must. Due to their hone sugar levels, the risk is high that nerves and blood flows could be affected. The feet are therefore susceptible to injury. Following you will see how you can maintain your feet gently and what equipment you need. ...

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Manicure and pedicure tips

manicure pedicure tips

It is normal for a person to brush your teeth, wash your face, probably to use hand cream or even one other product to keep your hair healthy. But not always given the necessary attention to one of the most important parts of the body which are feet. So here ...

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Herbal Pedicure

Herbal pedicure

Sometimes we are so much that we neglect the care of our face and hands our feet, which is in fact as important as the rest of our body tend possessed. Foot care is important because it is our feet that wear on our body weight and go a long ...

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Henna scars removing

henna scars removing

That being said, we always advise against henna due to possible allergic reactions, women’s and specially teen girls like to design different henna (Mehndi) designs on there hands and feet. After some days the henna color get light and scars are left on hand. With the passing time the henna ...

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Tips for diabetic foot care

diabeetic foot care

The foot care is especially important for diabetics because high blood sugar levels, as well as variations and low blood glucose levels can bring changes to the vessels and nerves with it. The result are metabolic disorders in the nerve or a progressive vascular calcification. Furthermore, the susceptibility to infections ...

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Manicure and pedicure tips in urdu

manicure and pedicure tips

Hands and feet are the most important and most visible beauty of the people carrier next to the face and hair. Fingernails are an eye catcher par excellence. Do not miss the chance to leave a lasting impression. The condition of our feet depends crucially on our mobility. At work, ...

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