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Zubaida tariq kitchen totkay in Urdu

kitchen totkayEvery day when we are cooking or making some dishes for our family or for our guests we face little bit of problem like the breakup or burning of utensils in kitchen. If you are facing these types of problems in kitchen then you should have need to seek some totkay, tips and tricks about these simple and daily problems. Benet in this posts we are giving some simple tips and tricks, zubaida tariq home totkay in Urdu, Urdu totkay for kitchen, zubaida beauty homemade kitchen totkay and tricks etc. By paying little bit of attention on these kitchen totaky you can protect your important and beautiful utensils from breaking and burning.

Kitchen totkay

1.   If your Curry burn while you are cooking and give burning smell. Take add some milk according to the quantity of curry.

2.   If you put suddenly hot milk, coffee or tea in glass utensils or thrmas and your are Fear about the breakup of utensils then put spoon in the center of the glass utensil or thrmas this trick can protect your utensils from damage.

3.   Don’t put the hot material suddenly in the utensils that can damage your utensils. But if you add the hot thing slowly then there is no need to take tension about the breaking up of utensils.

4.   If you want to remove the fragrance or aroma of onion, garlic or ginger from your hands then use the tooth paste on your hands you didn’t feel the smell or aroma again.

5.   If you place yogurt in open place then add some water in it and put it in freezer for ten minutes. The yogurt sit on the surface of pan and water comes out on surface. On refining water from surface you got the dry yogurt now add some milk and put again in freezer for 10 minutes. This trick can make sour yogurt sweet.

Zubaida tariq kitchen totkay in Urdu

home totkay in urdu

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