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Stain removing totkay

stain removing totkayAs we are submitting some stain removing totkay in urdu for you in previous article and we think that you should get benefit from these stain removing totkay. Here again in this article we are submitting some easy and useful stain removing totkay, zubaida beauty totkay to remove stain, stain removing totkay for you in urdu.

Stain removing totkay

To remove any type of stain from cloth used these tips. If the stain is wet then clean the stain with wet cloth or tissue paper and wash with washing detergents. If the stain are not remove with this process then used the stain removing sprays or liquids which are now available in markets.

Blood Stain

To remove blood stain from clothes first you should wash the clothes and not sink the blood stain cloth in borax powder, or wash for 10 minutes with ammonia and glycerin after that press the clothes.

Tea, coffee and juice stain

To remove the stain from the clothes or from shawl used the salt with the ice and rub on the stain. Now press with iron by this process the stain can remove easily tea, coffee and juice stain from clothes.

Don’t wash the tea, coffee or juice stain with soap but just wash with detergents. If the detergent are not available at that time then dry the stain with paper or clean the tea, coffee and juice stain stain with wet cloth.

Ice cream stain

For removing the ice cream stain from clothes mix one table spoon of glycerin with borax powder and apply this paste on stain after some time wash with the washing powder and press the clothes.

Grease and Lipstick stain

Used the yogurt for removing the Curry or Grease stain from clothes. For removing the grease stain apply then apply the baking powder on stain and and press the cloth. If with this process if the stain doesn’t remove fully then apply stain removing bleach.

For removing the lipstick stain from clothes fist spray the hair spray on the cloth and rub the washing soap on stain. Now wash the cloth with washing powder on dry press with iron.

Hair colour stain

To remove the hair colour or dye stain from clothes warm up the some amount of glycerin and apply this warm glycerin on the stain. On dry wash the clothe with the washing detergent and press the clothes.

Sewing stain

The points or marks that are made on clothes during the Sewing if these stain are not gone with routine washing then Steam the cloth and wash with the boiled water.

Stain removing totkay in urdu

stain removing totkay in urdu

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    1. sajal · December 30, 2013

      I have washed my shirt to remove tea stain with ice cube and salt and then washd it with detergnt but it doesn’t remove…. What should i do now?

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