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Stain removing totkay for clothes

Clothes stain removing tipsThe stain on clothes are just simple thing, because when we eat or drink some thing or while doing routine work we face these problems. Stains on the clothes are nothing more than colors and other residues in the wrong place. For most types of stain removal methods are promising. Generally, the more sensitive the material and the colors of a piece of laundry, the harder it is to remove the stains without any side effects (discoloration, damage to the fibers). So here we write totkay for stain removing, clothes stain removing tips and Stain removing totkay for clothes in Urdu. You can fallow these simple and easy clothes stain removing tips and totkay for removing stains from clothes.

Clothes stain removing totkay

1.  Remove the stain fresh as soon as possible because old stain are difficult to remove and some time may damage the fibers of clothes. Use antithetic and Appropriate chemicals or detergents for removing stain from clothes. You should have an idea about the type, texture and quality of clothes so that you can easily handle the stain while removing.

2.  Small amount of acid can damage the Cotton, Lenin and fiber clothes and light type of alkali can damage the clothes that are made of animal fibers lather and wool. If you want to try bleach or color cut on wool or silk clothes then take mug of water and add 1 tsp of “Hydrogen Peroxide” and apply on stain but on Ray wool just apply “Sodium Barbiturate” for removing stains.

3.  Don’t wash any type of stain with soap and water because some time when you wash stain with soap and water the stain to be permanent. So for that reason you should have an idea about the stain type and you should have to try to remove stain according to its type.

4.  If you don’t know about stain type soak the cloth in cold tap water and after that soak in solution of soap and lukewarm water for some time and wash it. If the stain doesn’t remove then apply bleach or stain removing chemical on stain.

5.  You should use the bleach, stain removing chemical or color cutter on clothes for just removing stain and as soon as stain removed wash the cloth with water. Because when these chemicals stays on clothes they damage fibers of clothes.

Extra stain removing tip

If you are removing stain from corners to inward side then clean the material from center with dry cloth and then apply the stain removing chemicals or bleach.

Stain removing totkay for clothes in Urdu

stain removing totkay for clothes in Urdu

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